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Jon Iadonisi Appears on Craig Peterson’s Top Rated Radio Show “Tech Talk”

BOSTON, MA (SEPTEMBER 30,2012) - Have you ever wondered how we protect ourselves and secure our national interests against cyber “bad guys” who spread lethal propaganda and fabrications—when they can’t be touched or seen?

Jon Iadonisi, a former Navy Seal and an IT wunderkind and Founder of White Canvas Group joins Craig to discuss today’s connected world and how social media is becoming a burgeoning industry hotspot. However, beyond the mere connection that platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provide, there is the actual content that can compel us to laugh, or in some cases, revolt. This content has evolved from plain text that informs, to gripping video images that impact us emotionally. The ubiquity of internet-connected devices now makes it easier for everyone, including adversaries and other nefarious groups, to quickly disseminate information in a form that’s compelling and believable—even if it’s a complete fabrication. This information can have enormous impact on the real and perceived interests of the U.S. around the globe – including our diplomatic, financial, and security interests.

 About Tech Talk    Ranked the #1 radio show in the Boston Market in its time-slot, and with more than 4,500,000 Podcast downloads, Tech Talk With Craig Peterson is rated as the top tech show nationwide. Craig interviews top industry insiders and explains the technology secrets everyone needs to know. http://CraigPeterson.com/