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Jon Iadonisi Appears on Nationally Syndicated JIM BOHANNON Radio Show

 WASHINGTON, DC (SEPTEMBER 14, 2012) - Jon Iadonisi, co-founder of White Canvas Group, was a featured guest last night on the nationally syndicated Jim Bohannon radio show, which broadcasts to over 500 stations through the Dial Global network. Bohannon, who took over Larry King’s late night show in 1993, is ranked #22 in the Talkers magazine “Heavy Hundred.” Excerpts of the interview were replayed this morning on “American Morning,” also hosted by Bohannon.

“Online security is claiming more of our attention what with the risks from hackers to large things – like the power grid – to the smaller and more annoying – like the outage that affected web host GoDaddy.com and took down thousands of websites,” said Bohannon in his introduction. “Tonight we’ll talk to a man who knows about security from many different perspectives. He’s Jon Iadonisi, a former Navy SEAL officer with a master’s degree in Homeland Security who has also worked in the field of computer science and cybersecurity. He founded the White Canvas Group and is an expert on information age unconventional warfare.”

For the next hour, Iadonisi and Bohannon discussed a wide range of topics, from common cyber scams to more malevolent uses of the internet including distribution of YouTube videos to foment violence, like this week’s tragic attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

“The ubiquity of internet-connected devices now makes it easier for everyone, including adversaries and other nefarious groups, to quickly disseminate information in a form that’s compelling and believable—even if it’s a complete fabrication,” said Iadonisi. “This information can have enormous impact on the real and perceived interests of the U.S. around the globe – including our diplomatic, financial, and security interests.” White Canvas Group develops sophisticated cyber applications like Digital Terrain Team to monitor dangerous trends on YouTube and help to circumvent tragedies before they occur. The company’s GridMeNow application is being used by the Pentagon, US Border Patrol and Homeland Security, as well as major universities and private corporations to aid in security and disaster recovery efforts.

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