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White Canvas Group Co-Founder Jon Iadonisi Appears on Nationally Syndicated Lars Larson Radio Show

WASHINGTON, DC (OCTOBER 4, 2012)—Jon Iadonisi, co-founder of White Canvas Group, was a
featured guest last night on the nationally syndicated Lars Larson radio show, which broadcasts
nationwide through Compass Media Networks. An Emmy and Peabody award winner, and recipient
of more than seventy awards from the Associated Press, Society of Professional Journalists, and the
National Press Club, Larson brings nearly four decades of experience as a radio and television journalist
to the microphone.

Iadonisi and Larson discussed cyber threats in their many forms, from the often encountered, such
as Spam, to more sophisticated incidents that employ enriched content and are difficult to vet for
legitimacy, such as online videos. Iadonisi pointed out that YouTube is now the second most popular
online search engine with many viewers turning to it for news and educational content.

“It can be difficult to discern fact from propaganda or to detect malintent,” said Iadonisi. “The policy
challenge around this issue is the biggest obstacle: how do we maintain a society that protects an
individual’s privacy but enables commerce to flourish without continuous monitoring? We need to have
a global discussion to develop a baseline by which countries and people can operate effectively.”

The two also discussed mechanisms to deter cyber attacks, ranging from public key encryption to water
marks. Humans, said Iadonisi, are the often overlooked and, perhaps, greatest threat.

“We need to change the paradigm from which we view the concept of cyber security,” said Iadonisi.
“Retinal scans and cyber fortresses are all necessary, but I challenge people to think about the human
infrastructure — because behind every machine is a person and that person is always the first weakness
in that security apparatus.”

White Canvas Group (WCG) is a technology company that develops innovative solutions and products
for a wide range of industries, from U.S. Special Operations Forces to world class entertainment,
athletic, and global energy industries. WCG is led by service disabled combat veterans Jon Iadonisi and
Tim Newberry–both of whom are widely recognized for bringing timely innovations to America’s elite
forces, the U.S. Defense Department and other U.S. government agencies.

Jon Iadonisi is co-founder of White Canvas Group. He is regularly sought by the Department of Defense,
various Intelligence agencies, and members of the US Congress to provide expert opinion and briefings
on information age unconventional warfare. Prior to joining the private sector, Mr. Iadonisi served as a
Navy SEAL, where he designed, planned and led various combat operations that integrated innovative
technologies and tactics into the operating environment, ultimately creating new capabilities for the
Special Operations Community and Central Intelligence Agency.