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White Canvas Group Co-founder Tim Newberry Interviewed on Homeland Security Radio

WASHINGTON, DC (OCTOBER 21, 2012)—Tim Newberry, co-founder of White Canvas Group, was a featured guest in the second hour of this evening’s Homeland Security Radio program with Roger Fredinburg, which broadcasts over the Genesis Communications Network. Fredinburg started his syndicated radio career in 1993 at TRN as the lead-in to Art Bell’s “Coast to Coast AM” (now with George Noory). At 32, he was the youngest solo talk personality in radio history to achieve 150 radio station affiliates.

Newberry and Fredinburg discussed some of the cyber threats that have played out in the world news in recent days, and the need for practical and easy-to-implement solutions.

According to Newberry, White Canvas Group was launched 4 years ago to meet the pressing challenges of the burgeoning cyber universe, which has no geographical boundaries, and cannot be seen or touched. “Homeland Security today is fundamentally about global threats,” said Newberry. “We’re living in fast-moving times where technology is creating unprecedented opportunities as well as deadly threats. Tomorrow’s Presidential debate will focus on foreign policy, and complex international issues that require high level technological answers.”

White Canvas Group’s mission is to build sophisticated cyber security tools that can be used by anyone—with two clicks—on their smart phone interface.

“One example is our GridMeNow (GMN) tool, which provides relevant information with location in real time. Regular people can use their smart phones to instantly share relevant information that can help inform critical security decisions quickly,” Newberry said. “In contrast to the DHS campaign, ‘If You See Something Say Something™,’ and Twitter, GMN avoids layers of bureaucracy and delay by sharing real-time, unmistakable images, i.e., what your eyeballs tell you, as a dangerous situation is unfolding.”

Newberry also talked about new challenges presented by YouTube, which uploads 60 hours of content every minute, and thereby cannot be effectively monitored for threats. “Fabrications on YouTube can be used to create propaganda that utterly twists the truth and denigrates broad U.S. interests. Our Digital Terrain Team (DTT) is at the forefront of monitoring trends on YouTube and helping to identify malicious attacks at their inception.”