The SecureCog Research Lab provides our customers with open source research services and serves as an experimental facility for testing new methods and tools for digital work. There's a story at the heart of every grouping of seemingly random data, and each path that we explore allows us to narrow down data into straight forward insights for our customers.

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Objective-based and technology agnostic solutions 

Today's complex and dynamic digital space makes it challenging to make sense of all of the information available in the open source environment. Our services are designed to empower customers to identify and solve problems through holistic understanding of both the human and technical dimensions of the Internet, regardless of the challenges presented or the tools available to them.


PocketKnife is our managed services solution that helps organizations build organic capability in open source Internet expertise. We don't just provide warm bodies to help you temporarily. We design customized solutions focused on addressing the key factors needed to develop a successful research team within your organization.

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We provide cutting-edge services that help you get meaning out of





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Cyber Advanced Support Operations (CASO) is our suite of holistic training solutions designed to enable students to develop and employ a research methodology to safely find, understand, and analyze publicly available data and metadata. CASO is not your average digital training program. Our focus is on developing research and analytical skills, as opposed to the technology or tool used.

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We work with our clients to help them get the most out of publicly available open source data.